Resolved Programming Issues Build 398
Project Number DBA Menu Fix Build Summary
P398 Inventory>Multi-Item Stock Status 398.0.0 New multi-item stock status screen
P398 Inventory>Stock Status 398.0.0 New menu level access and added beyond planning period info to Summary tab
P398.1 Jobs>Job Inquiry 398.1.0 New Est Job Cost section - Job Inquiry
Issue Number DBA Menu Fix Build Summary
DBA-1313 Inventory>Multi-Item Stock Status 398.0.0 New multi-item stock status screen
DBA-1314 Inventory>Stock Status 398.0.0 Add beyond planning period info to summary tab 
DBA-1251 Purch>Reports 398.0.0 Purchases by Item report can ignore receipts if they are too similar to other receipts of the same item on the same day
DBA-1340 Inventory>Descriptors 398.0.0 Descriptors can be made inactive while being part of an active BOM or Kitset
DBA-1350 Sales>Customers>Additional 398.0.0 Cannot add valid contact against delivery address for customer
DBA-1352 Sales>Customers>Detail 398.0.0 Pressing side buttons on customer detail clears pending changes to detail info
DBA-1359 Purch>Reports 398.0.0 Redesigned the data filters for all purchase reports
DBA-1363 Inventory>Stock Status 398.0.0 Added new days to cover field to show situations where future supply covers a planning period projected negative quantity
DBA-1211 Purch>Suppliers>Additional 398.1.0 You are able to delete a supplier contact that is designated as the Main contact leaving an orphaned record
DBA-1283 Purch>Purchase Orders 398.1.0 Changing a contact in the PO does not pull in the new contact info
DBA-1384 Sales>Customers 398.1.0 Deleting customer contacts can leave contact info against delivery addresses orphaned
DBA-1367 GL>Journal Entry 398.1.0 Single quote in bank name causes problems with journal entry creation
DBA-1369 System Signin 398.1.0 Entering incorrect password at sign in and selecting Cancel causes ISC error
DBA-1370 Notes>Activity Notes 398.1.0 Activity Notes system performance issues
DBA-1371 Admin>User Setup 398.1.0 Duplicate user names can cause module security permission changes at update
DBA-1379 File>Data Import>Customers 398.1.0 Error with import of customer type field
DBA-1380 File>Data Import>Suppliers 398.1.0 Error with import of supplier type field
DBA-1381 Purch>Purchase Orders 398.1.0 Error "tblDetail_: Statement failed to return results" can occur between PO details and PO Receipt
DBA-1382 Purch>Purchase Orders 398.1.0 Error "tblDetail_: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" can occur on PO List after PO Receipt
DBA-1368 Jobs>Job Inquiry 398.1.0 Added new Qty Per and Estimated cost of job components to Job Costs tab - Job Lines sub tab
DBA-1346 MRP>MRP 398.2.0 MRP Generation speed improvements
DBA-1372 Admin>User Setup 398.2.0 Need to block ability to change existing User Name
DBA-1377 Sales>Picking Manager 398.2.0 Add shortcut keys to Picking Manager for Pick, Screen, Output, and Close screen
DBA-1385 GL>GL Spreadsheet Generator 398.2.0 SQL error when using GroupOr value in the Connector column selections tab of GL Spreadsheet Generator
DBA-1386 Cust>Additional>Contacts 398.2.0 Changing a contact not propagating to customer delivery address records
DBA-1391 Purch>PO Schedule 398.2.0 Dependency on PO Schedule screen uses PO header status instead of PO detail line status
DBA-1392 Jobs>Jobs 398.2.0 Jobs Routings tab can disappear on Jobs List under certain conditions
DBA-1395 Admin>User Setup 398.2.0 "Token unknown…NULLUSETUP" error in User Setup screen
DBA-1398 Purch>PO Receipts 398.2.0 PO Receipt error "arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation" for document number field
DBA-1400 GL>Journal Entry 398.2.0 Allow a saved recurring JE to be updated without saving to a new recurring JE
DBA-1401 MRP>MRP Settings 398.2.0 Days to Next for Subcon routing in Job Days Calculator should be converted to shop days
DBA-1402 Purch>Data Views 398.2.0 Add PO Type field to the customize box for Purch Data Views
DBA-1404 BOM>Reports>Costed BOM 398.2.0 Error when using Item Categories some filter priting Costing BOM report
DBA-1406 Sales>Sales Orders 398.2.0 Expected Ship Date and Required Date pop-ups do not allow saving of pasted or typed dates
DBA-1407 Sales>Sales Orders 398.2.0 Issue with copy and paste Item ID into SO Details
DBA-1408 Sales>Quotes 398.2.0 Quote date filter problem with Quotes Data View
DBA-1410 BOM>Bills of Manufacturing 398.2.0 BOM Indented View output grid blank fields when item is repeated multiple times in same level
DBA-1411 BOM>Bills of Manufacturing 398.2.0 Descriptors cannot be made inactive if included on archived revision or inactive BOM parent
DBA-1415 Transfer>AR Voucher Transfer 398.2.0 From date thru date issue with AR Voucher Transfer and AP Voucher Transfer screens
DBA-1416 AR>Customer Payments 398.2.0 Banking account lookup issue in Customer Payments screen
DBA-1417 Purch>Purchase Orders 398.2.0 Cannot navigate to PO List/PO Details after manual new PO creation
DBA-1418 Purch>Purchase Orders 398.2.0 PO header refresh issue after new PO creation
DBA-1419 Sales>Sales Orders 398.2.0 Open Customer Deposites applied in Financial Transfer after accounting conversion
DBA-1420 BOM>Reports>Costed BOM 398.2.0 Costed BOM Report will print incorrect Routing section under certain conditions
DBA-1421 BOM>Bills of Manufacturing 398.2.0 Routing Costs Inquiry and routing section on Costed BOM Report calculate labor hours per item differently
DBA-1423 Inventory>Stock Items>List 398.2.0 One-off item not changed to inactive status after Sales Quote is closed
DBA-1424 AR>Reports 398.2.0 Need to include customer refund transactions on the Customer Transaction Report
DBA-1425 Jobs>Job Travelers 398.2.0 Space in manual job number breaks Job Traveler printing from Jobs List screen
DBA-1426 Sales>Sales Orders>List 398.2.0 Using single quote in list screen search boxes causes an error
DBA-1427 AR>Customer Payments 398.2.0 Unable to post customer payment if an invoice is created while Customer Payment screen is open
DBA-1428 Inventory>Stock Items>Detail 398.2.0 Est Cost on Item>Detail tab only displays 2 decimals regardless of cost decimal setting in inventory defaults
DBA-1429 Windows Start>Refresh Beta Database 398.2.0 Refresh Training Company errors out with invalid connection string argument
DBA-1430 BOM>Bills of Manufacturing 398.2.0 Error SETUP hours must have a value when using Routing Generator
DBA-1431 AR>Customer Payments 398.2.0 Sales deposit applied incorrect value when sales payment is zero but sales payment tax is not zero
DBA-1432 AP>Data Views 398.2.0 Add the original invoice amount field to the AR Detail Aging Data View
DBA-1434 Jobs>Data Views 398.2.0 Closed Job Cost Summary cleaves data to two lines on a single job
DBA-1435 Jobs>Job Issues 398.2.0 Job Line Notes can print outside the page margins on Job Issue List
DBA-1437 Sales>Sales Orders>Details 398.2.0 SO line item requirement date changing when order quantity changed during SO line entry
DBA-1438 Sales>Sales Orders>Details 398.2.0 Shipping charge SO detail line required date should use the shipment date at time of creation