Resolved Programming Issues Build 397
Project Number DBA Menu Fix Build Summary
P397 Systemwide 397.0.0 Migration to Firebird 3.0 database
P397 Systemwide 397.0.0 Removal of BDE (Borland Database Engine) 
P397 Start>DBAManuffacturing>Database Alias Manager 397.0.0 New Database Alias tool for multiple companies on a server
P397 Shortcut Creator App 397.0.0 New Shortcut Creator App for desktop shortcuts for multiple companies on a server
P397 Jobs>Jobs>Routing 397.0.0 New Job Routing Cost Inquiry
P397 BOM>Bills of Manufacturing>Reports>Costed BOM 397.0.0 New Routing Cost Summary section for Costed BOM Report
P397 Inventory>Reports>Inventory Value Report 397.0.0 Improved loading time and speed of Inventory Value Report
P397 MRP>MRP Settings 397.0.0 Added pagination and improved load times for large datasets
P397 GL>Batch Posting 397.0.0 Streamlined speed of pre-processing and posting routine for Batch Posting
P397 Purch>PO Schedule 397.0.0 Added search funtionality to PO Schedule against Item ID, Item Description,  or PO Number
P397.1.0 File>Data Import>BOM>BOM Components 397.1.0 Streamlined data validation across all items - circular BOM check, max BOM level calculation, lead day calculation
P397.1.1 Multiple Screens 397.1.1 Optimized indexes for FB 3 improving performance in Picking Manager, Late Supply, and Job Release screens
P397.1.3 Multiple Screens 397.1.3 Improved screen load times for Sales Orders, Jobs, Purchase Orders and Inventory Adjustments screen
P397.1.3 Sales>Sales Orders 397.1.3 Improved data refresh performance in Sales Orders reducing number of errors encountered in data updates and screen transitions
P397.1.4 Multiple Screens 397.1.4 Corrected a major flaw that was released in 397.1.3 regarding data validation - If on 397.1.3 recommend immediate update to 397.1.4
Issue Number DBA Menu Fix Build Summary
DBA-1027 BOM>Shop Rates 397.0.0 BOM Shop Rates error - there is currently a pending transaction
DBA-1001 Jobs>Job Inquiry 397.0.0 Add Job Routings Costs Summary to Links on the Job Inquiry Screen
DBA-1138 Install/Updates 397.0.0 GDS32.DLL file needs to be included in DBA Manufacturing folder during install
DBA-1148 Inventory>Stock Items>Lot/Serial 397.0.0 Prevent entering characteristics greater than 20 characters - causing errors
DBA-863 Windows Update 397.0.0 Windows 10 version 1709 update deletes DBA files - new Firebird 3.0 will prevent this from ocurring
DBA-668 Jobs>Reports 397.0.0 "Temporary table resource limit" when running Job Transactions Report on large datasets
DBA-1171 File>Email 397.0.1 Invalid character in SO Number causes unable to open file error during email
DBA-1172 Jobs>Job Receipt 397.0.1 Unable to reverse a Job Receipt - ambiguous field name error
DBA-1173 Utilities>Forms Edit>Labels 397.0.2 Customized formats for all item labels were damaged in transition to Firebird 3 - support can assist
DBA-1173 AR>Reports>Aging Reports 397.0.2 Customized formats for all AR Aging reports were daminged in transition to Firebird 3 - support can assist
DBA-1173 AP>Reports>Aging Reports 397.0.2 Customized formats for all AP Aging reports were damaged in transition to Firebird 3 - support can assist
DBA-1174 Admin>User Setup> SO/Job Types  397.0.3 Ambiguous field name error when opening SOs or Jobs with non-Admin user with SO/Job Type exceptions defined
DBA-1175 Utilities>ID Changes>Item ID Change 397.0.3 Unable to change Item ID due to errors
DBA-1178 Inventory>Stock Items 397.0.4 Stock Item List and BOM List screens customize grid not saving
DBA-1180 Install/Updates 397.0.4 Force uninstall of existiing Training/Beta Company prior to updating from 396.2.1 to 397
DBA-1182 File>Data Import>Stock Items>Stock Items (New) 397.0.5 Stock Item Import (New) faiis due to item.stdcostqty being repeated in INSERT statement
DBA-1181 Backup Manager 397.0.5 Increased incidence of backup failures - unable to perform database while connection to database exists
DBA-1183 Admin>User Setup> SO/Job Types  397.0.5 Still getting SQL error under some conditions for non-Admin users when opening SO or Jobs screen
DBA-1197 AR>Reports>Customer Transactions 397.0.6 Error - Column unknown INVOICE.STATUS at line 13, column 7
DBA-1194 Inventory>Stock Items>List 397.0.6 Show characterisitcs for this transaction creates an error
DBA-1193 Jobs>Jobs 397.0.6 Deleting a routing sequence in the Job Routing tab can deletes the wrong sequence
DBA-1191 Sales>Pricing & Discounts>Discounts 397.0.6 Single quote in Discount Code ID causes SQL error in Firebird 3
DBA-1187 Sales>Sales Orders 397.0.6 Having a single quote in Main Contact name on customer causes SQL error of token unknown
DBA-1185 Sales>Customers 397.0.6 Customer and Supplier creation get SQL error when using a single quote (but not double quote)
DBA-1150 Inventory>Stock Items>Sources 397.0.6 Backtick in Supplier Name or Item ID breaks purchase order line creation
DBA-1189 Jobs>Jobs>Routing 397.0.6 Unable to manually add subcon routing sequence to a Job (ok from a BOM)
DBA-1186 Sales>Sales Orders 397.0.6 Acknowledgement prints out of line order with Sales Kit and change of price
DBA-1192 File>Data Import>BOM>BOM Components 397.1.0 BOM components import slow even with a few records - requries a data validation across all items
DBA-1177 Inventory>Stock Items 397.1.0 Item Max BOM Level does not properly update throgh all product structure levels when adding/deleting an item
DBA-1177A Inventory>Stock Items 397.1.0 When item in edit mode instances of QOH, Avg Cost, and calculated Lead Days to not be updated properly in Item Master
DBA-1190 Sales>Sales Orders>Details 397.1.0 Sales Order stock item lookup - refreshing cache not working properly when a new item is added with SO open
DBA-1198 Jobs>Reports>Jobs Transactions 397.1.0 Add "Some" filter for Job Number back to the Job Transactions report
DBA-1199 Purch>Purchase Orders 397.1.0 PO printing slowness in build 397
DBA-1200 Sales>Sales Order>Pick List 397.1.0 SO Pick List no longer allowing the "select lines" option
DBA1200A Jobs>Job>Issue List 397.1.0 Job Issue List no longer allowing the "select lines" option
DBA-647 File>Data Import>BOM>BOM Components 397.1.0 BOM Component Import fails with 'Out of Memory' error for very large data sets - circular BOM validation
DBA-1210 Sales>Picking Manager 397.1.1 Slowness opening Picking Manager, Late Supply and Job Control Panel Release Screens on large data sets
DBA-1216 Sales>Reports>Open Sales Order Summary 397.1.1 When filter by SO type Error - Column unknown JOBS.JOBTYPE
DBA-1215 AR>Customer Deposit 397.1.1 Unable to filter columns in the AR>Customer Deposit screen
DBA-1204 MRP>MRP 397.1.1 MRP sees over-receipted Pos as demand under certain conditions
DBA-1207 Sales>Sales Orders>Details 397.1.1 Line item requirement date for negative qty sales lines (RMA) should default to the line creation date
DBA-1195 Job Contol Panel> Work in Process 397.1.1 Subcon status window - PO number hyperlink is not functioning
DBA-1202 Sales>Sales Orders>Details 397.1.1 Reference ID missing in lookup when a newly added Item/Desccriptor is added and immediately transition to SO details
DBA-1221 Sales>Reports>Base Prices & Costs 397.1.1 Floating Point Division by Zero error when estimated cost is zero for an item that has a price
DBA-1246 Install/Updates 397.1.2 Receiving error "The directory name is invalid" during update in cerrtain server configurations
DBA-1152 Sales>Customers 397.1.3 Customer screen sort on grids does not work even if records are pared down
DBA-1152B Purch>Suppliers 397.1.3 Supplier screen sort on grids does not work even if records are pared down
DBA-1222 Jobs>Job Isssues 397.1.3 Phase one speed improvements with Job Issues for companies with large datasets
DBA-1222B Sales>Order Picking 397.1.3 Phase one speed improvements with Order Picking for companies with large datasets
DBA-1228 Jobs>Jobs 397.1.3 Jobs list screen slow to open and slow transitioning from details tab to list tab for companies with large datasets
DBA-1228B Sales>Sales Orders 397.1.3 Sales Order screen slow to open and slow transitioning from details tab to list tab for companies with large datasets
DBA-1232 Sales>Quotes 397.1.3 Quote to SO Conversion - change of multiple requirement dates leads to error "tblJobdet_: Statement failed to return results"
DBA-1233 Sales>Sales Setup> 397.1.3 Single quote in Ship Method causes ISC error in SO Header> Ship To tab and various other drop down lookups in the system
DBA-1235 Sales>Quotes 397.1.3 Print and Convert Sales Quote can cause error "Statement failed to return results"
DBA-1236 Inventory>Stock Adjustments 397.1.3 Inventory Stock Adjustment screen list screen load times slow for customers with a large inventory transaction history
DBA-1243 AP>Supplier Invoices>Recurring Invoices 397.1.3 Recurring Invoice gets error "Token Unknown - NULLEXPENSE"
DBA-1249 Sales>Sales Orders 397.1.3 Sales Orders receive a lot of errors "tblJobDet_:Statement failed to return results" when transitioning among screens
DBA-1253 Purch>Purchase Orders 397.1.3 Speed of PO list screen and tab from details tab to PO list screen slow 
DBA-1264 Sales>Order Picking 397.1.4 Unable to perform reversal of transaction order picking and job issues if item has characteristics assigned
DBA-1265 BOM>BOM 397.1.4 BOM tabs have value of zero for non zero lines