Resolved Programming Issues Build 395
Project # Menu Fix Build Summary
P395 Backup Manager 395.0.0 Create backup tool that utilizes Firebird specific database backup protocols
P395 Backup Manager 395.0.0 Add ability to schedule backups of all registered databases and system database
P395 Backup Manager 395.0.0 Add a one step backup and restore capability for database maintenance purposes
P395 GL>General Ledger Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Add a standard lookup with all 3 standardized 3 digit currency codes worldwide
P395 GL>General Ledger Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Add history of currency changes to currency table
P395 GL>General Ledger Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Add Used By inquiry of all Customers and/or Suppliers for each currency
P395 Utilities>Forms Edit 395.0.0 Add foreign currency formatting to all standard forms - no longer need FX forms for multi currency
P395 Sales>Data Views>Selling Prices 395.0.0 Create a new Selling Prices data view with option to create a price list in foreign currency
P395 Admin>Main Setup>Email 395.0.0 New DBA Email Client that supports TLS via port 587
P395.1 Backup Manager 395.1.0 Added ability to create a mirror copy of a backup to secondary location during scheduled backup
P395.1 MRP Settings 395.1.0 Added new field for Time to Shipment for manufactured items you sell
P395.1 MRP Settings 395.1.0 New naming convention and documentation for stocking order policy items
P395.1 MRP Guide 395.1.0 Updated documentation of MRP with emphasis on time to shipment planning
Issue # Menu Fix Build Summary
DBA-433 Admin>Main Setup 395.0.0 DBA Financial Accounting mode should not be able to activate additional currencies
DBA-284 Admin>Main Setup 395.0.0 Error sending email using TLS (formerly: unable to send email on Port 587)
DBA-270 Admin>Main Setup 395.0.0 Main Setup do not allow uncheck of Multi currency if there are multiple currencies defined in the system
DBA-573 AP>Payment Register 395.0.0 Add Supplier filter to header of Payment Register Screen
DBA-551 Bank>Bank Deposits 395.0.0 Cannot Designate Customized Form for use - Bank Deposit Slip
DBA-611 File>Data Import>Customers>Customers 395.0.0 Data Import Changes Customers and Suppliers
DBA-614 File>Data Import>Stock Items>Locations 395.0.0 Locations import is very slow on large import files
DBA-594 GL>General Ledger Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Add table of standard world currencies
DBA-465 GL>GL Setup>Account Assignments 395.0.0 Sales Exception tab in Account Assignments should default Account Type based on column
DBA-692 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Currency Code allows left/right spaces to be entered during creation
DBA-618 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Add Customers and Suppliers to Currency table
DBA-587 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Redesign of Currency Table
DBA-269 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Do not allow delete of currency if already used
DBA-268 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 Disallow change of home currency once there have been any records
DBA-267 GL>GL Setup>Currency Table 395.0.0 When delete currency record, sales order invoices and SO detail currency rate set back to 1
DBA-468 Inventory>Change Inventory Costs 395.0.0 Chg Inventory Cost - Mass Replace not changing costs for "M" items using Est Cost
DBA-640 Inventory>Data Views 395.0.0 Add currency filter to Inventory Item Sourcces Data View
DBA-638 Inventory>Inventory Setup>Cycle Count Codes 395.0.0 Cycle Count Code description breaks output to file based on invalid characters
DBA-563 Inventory>Reports 395.0.0 Inventory Value report uses Regional Settings for currency
DBA-547 Inventory>Reports 395.0.0 Items with 0 Value/0 UOH still included on Inventory Value when filter un-checked
DBA-669 Inventory>Sales Kits 395.0.0 Kitset line item notes do not flow through to SO
DBA-572 Inventory>Stock Adjustments 395.0.0 Slow performance in Stock Adjustments screen
DBA-602 Inventory>Stock Items>Detail 395.0.0 Deleting of ITEM ID that is an Alternate item XREFCODES orphanes records
DBA-634 Inventory>Stock Items>List 395.0.0 Print on Docs should be checked by default from Lot/Serial tab of item
DBA-471 Inventory>Stock Items>Lot Serial 395.0.0 Automatic Serial Numbers Reused Even When You Press 'No" In Stock Adjustments, Job Receipts
DBA-649 Inventory>Stock Items>Sources 395.0.0 Adding new supplier and supplier price shows two lines for new supp price
DBA-581 Jobs>Job Labor 395.0.0 Able to Reverse a Labor Entry record prior to it being created
DBA-546 Jobs>Job Schedule 395.0.0 Stock Status and Job Header>Schedule can show different Job Finish Dates
DBA-564 Jobs>Job Subcontracting 395.0.0 Job Subcon PO Due Date can land on a non-shop day
DBA-554 Jobs>Job Travelers 395.0.0 Job Number sometimes truncated at printing Job Traveler
DBA-534 Jobs>Jobs 395.0.0 Disallow adding same item ID as parent in Job > Outputs
DBA-469 Jobs>Reports 395.0.0 Add Item Category to Closed Job Cost Summary report
DBA-637 MRP>MRP Settings 395.0.0 MRP Settings - Multiple and Min Order of P items need same decimal depth
DBA-262 MRP>MRP Settings 395.0.0 MRP Settings -Reorder Point field decimal depth
DBA-639 Purch>PO Invoices 395.0.0 PO Invoice -Zero Dollar remains as non-paid Invoice in DBA Financials
DBA-453 Purch>PO Invoices 395.0.0 Currency issue in PO Invoice Details screen (Multi-Currency)
DBA-79 Purch>PO Invoices 395.0.0 PO Invoice receipt and invoice transactions to be done at current exchange rate
DBA-550 Purch>PO Receipts 395.0.0 Cannot designate Customized form - PO GOODS RECEIPT NOTE
DBA-543 Purch>Purchase Orders 395.0.0 PO Printing Issue: X-Ref information Prints out of Sequence
DBA-283 Purch>Purchase Orders 395.0.0 Foreign Extended Amount on PO Calculation Issue
DBA-89 Purch>Purchase Orders 395.0.0 PO Creation Currency Lock In
DBA-670 Sales>Credit Manager 395.0.0 Credit Manager error when using Column Filtering
DBA-648 Sales>Credit Manager 395.0.0 Credit Manager unable to clear alerts - cannot modify read-only dataset
DBA-610 Sales>Customers 395.0.0 Add currency to Customer and Supplier lookups
DBA-549 Sales>Customers 395.0.0 Cannot designate Customized Form for use - Customer Statement
DBA-330 Sales>Customers 395.0.0 Customer List - Balance Button visible in Financial Transfer
DBA-653 Sales>Data Views 395.0.0 Selling Prices Data View
DBA-603 Sales>Quotes 395.0.0 Cannot use Speed Entry to transfer multiple items -- Sales Quotes
DBA-498 Sales>Quotes 395.0.0 Exchange Rate in Pricing tab updated after Quote printing
DBA-702 Sales>Reports 395.0.0 Profit Margin Ranked by Item uses Item Code and Description as identifiers
DBA-672 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 Credit limit warning pops up twice during SO creation
DBA-658 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 SO template has error during creation - Currency '''' does not exist
DBA-646 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 Terms from the billing customer should be brought into SO
DBA-644 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 "Sorry-The Customer Name is a Required field" during Copy Template
DBA-497 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 Exchange Rate in Pricing tab updated after Acknowledgement printing
DBA-494 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.0 Foreign prices on SO Details follow Windows Regional Currency
DBA-701 Sales>Sales Orders>Invoicing 395.0.0 System Default Tax applied to invoice if SO line quantity is zero
DBA-493 Sales>Sales Orders>Invoicing 395.0.0 Changing the Exchange Rate in currency table can affect foreign prices of a SO after Invoice
DBA-655 Sales>Sales Orders>Shipping 395.0.0 Add the line requirement date to the SO line selection area of SO Pick List screen
DBA-545 Sales>Sales Orders>Shipping 395.0.0 Packing List with characteristics can be misleading if lines are reordered
DBA-706 Sales>Sales Setup 395.0.0 SO Type columns displaying inappropriately
DBA-703 Sales>Sales Setup 395.0.0 Editing SO/job type Screen Config mixes up columns on SO/job detail tab
DBA-682 Sales>Sales Setup 395.0.0 Restore Reference Date to SO Details
DBA-641 Sales>Sales Setup 395.0.0 When multi currencies active should display currency code on opening lists for suppliers and customers
DBA-552 Tax>Reports 395.0.0 Cannot designated customized form for use - Form 1099
DBA-635 Update Process 395.0.0 Forms Update Utility no longer senses customized file names
DBA-562 Update Process 395.0.0 Install errors if BDE Detected but missing registry
DBA-531 Update Process 395.0.0 Restore sample company not always restoring
DBA-678 Utilities>Forms Edit 395.0.0 Forms Formatting for currency added to standard forms
DBA-699 Utilities>Forms Edit>Acknowledgment 395.0.0 All SO forms have 'extra' characters' when printing to PDF
DBA-643 Utilities>Forms Edit>Invoice 395.0.0 Invoice FX issue no currency symbol displayed
DBA-642 Utilities>Forms Edit>Quote 395.0.0 Quote FX form currency display issue in Details
DBA-664 Utilities>ID Changes>Item ID Change 395.0.0 Work Center ID Change - Violation of Foreign Key
DBA-734 File>User Email Settings 395.0.1 Update 3rd party license for email
DBA-738 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.2 Enabled invoice button when the Sales Order Type does not use shipping
DBA-739 Sales>Sales Orders 395.0.2 Fixed issue with using decimals in Shipping Charges
DBA-746 Jobs>Jobs 395.0.3 Jobs Speed Entry has Foreign Key error against CURCODE
DBA-741 Update Process 395.0.3 Ship .NET application config files with release
DBA-761 Sales>Sales Orders>Invoicing 395.0.4 Unable to perform a Zero Dollar Invoice when Shipping Not Activated
DBA-701 Sales>Sales Orders 395.1.0 System Default Tax applied to invoice if SO line quantity is zero
DBA-687 Sales>Sales Orders 395.1.0 Zero Qty prevents characterstics from being used
DBA-619 MRP>MRP 395.1.0 MRP line card edit should allow for deliberate zero pricing to accommodate consignment items
DBA-674 MRP>MRP 395.1.0 Added price edit against supplier price field in MRP purchasing 
DBA-774 Inventory>Reports 395.1.0 Significant performance enhancements to Inventory Value Report
DBA-786 Inventory>Reports 395.1.0 Inventory Value report page breaking on category change
DBA-793 Program Installer 395.1.1 Corrected typo found in installer/update script
DBA-795 Sample Company 395.1.1 Updated transactions in sample company to July 2017